Wednesday, January 16, 2008

T13 Just because

Just because this is here, and so am I and because I can...

1. I say actually a lot. Actually this, and actually that. HewhoWouldLovetobeObeyed wants to censor my actually. But actually, I actually don't give a stuff. I will say actually as many times as I want, actually.

2. I hate people who want to wash my windscreen. NO. NO. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO TOUCH MY CAR. You intimidate me. Invade my space. Go earn your dole check by helping little old ladies across the road. Your dole check comes out of my taxes and for that to be paid I get out of bed, catch a bus and go EARN it. Not beg for five cent sneaky undeclarable income.

3. Yes I'm a grump. Why? Because I can.

4. Today I feel flat, therefore I iron.

5. Yesterday my keyboard died. This one is a new one. Before it was given a burial in the garbade I tried the batteries. New ones. When I lifted it back to test I notice there was a decided history of dropped items into it's keys. Sesame seeds, breadcrumbs, pencil rubbings, paperclips (exaggeration but it's a because I ccan list right?)

6. I can also wave a you. Hello you. If you are here you deserve a wave. If I am still here waving at you in a few hours time that means (a) I have not written a word of novel. (b) my flat mood has not translated into a day of ironing. or (c) you have to have a c when you have an a and a b - but I don't have anything to put in it.

7. Today's lunch is definitely going to be a vegemite sandwich. If you don't know what that is, then don't ask. They used it once in an advertising campaign for Kraft which now owns it. "If you can sell this you can sell anything." was the slogan and it was sent to corporations. If you know then, hang five!

8. It's raining. I love rain. I adore rain. Have I ever told you how much I like rain?

9. If you have made it up to here on my T13 list I do have a bit of advice for you.
Get a life!

10. Zee's new challenge is excellent. I chose a picture and the sentence: He knew he would regret... I will probably post it here in a couple of week's time after the critiquing has been done by all the participants of my critique group.
11. There are names in links on this site for whom 2008 will be their brilliant year. Many of them have new publications coming out this year.

12. My second anthology story has been started. It's set in Regency times. I am enjoying the research and can rattle on quite a decent dialogue in Regency speak. "You are well suited to your pursuit of pleasure, Sir. I shall not hesitate to tell you this minute that in this, you definitely do not display laziness." Which is one way a heroine could complain about his use of the remote control whilst watching the sport's channels on television.

13. Around this time, there is something I love. It's the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. I cannot tell you why, but it is very stirring. Perhaps all those drums and bagpipes tap the source of the inner ancient me.

And all that is left is to wave at you again.

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KV said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, Miss Penny . . . they mean more to me than you can ever guess!

Lotsa love,