Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The inbetween...

Publishing is such a slow creature. Between that when one writes THE END and that which becomes a book is a period of Limbo. It is no man's land, the grey area, where all are waiting. The galleys are produced and more editing, more argy bargy-ing, and then you give it up, convinced that every last comma has been tipped in - such is that vegetative state - soon my darlings - you can see the results of my slaving over a hot manuscript.

I've finished my manuscript and well into the editing mode and it's getting tighter and tighter as I flip through it looking for repetitions, dead spots, punctuating as I go... making decisions whether something works, better and better, layering - always layering - until I am satisfied that this is the best work I have ever done.

Because as I write I know I get better and better. That is the way of the world. And if I'm not getting better then I am not trying. But then I am always trying and I know, relentless is a good word to have attached to my nature. There's another term - its called dogged determination.

This is a trait shown very well by Baby. She is testing out her puppy's voice. She barks at everything. EVERYTHING! Even the rain drops falling from the trees just recently. What she doesn't know are the frequent calls from the neighbors who are ready to shoot her with a bebe gun I would think by this stage. But how do you tell a six month old puppy that it's antisocial to bark?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who's the Star?

And so, having been brought to this point by a blog from one of my colleagues over at Romance Writers Unlimited - see link to the right - I am forced to expose the muse, the star of my current work in progress. Of course he was caught at the makeup room but believe me, this boy barely needs it.

It's lovely to be able to touch him, think about him, have him with you to remind you that your imagination is calling you.

(It's not easy blogging while Baby - who has just discovered a delightful source of human endeavor... the dirty clothers hamper, and mastered the art of underpants tennis - and I might add that she's Federra to my Jerry Lewis)

back to maingame:

Where was I?:

Oh, yes, muse:


... to remind you that your imagination is calling... "Baby bring that back...

"Damn dog...

"My writing career is over or better still..

"Come back here,

"Baby! Baby!

"Scuse me! Gotta run!

"Baby! Baby! Come back here..."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thursday 13

13 things better than editing...

1 Waking up and saying "I've reached my ideal weight."
2 Winning the lottery.
3 Mornings in my Manhatten Apartment on Fifth Avenue.
4 George Clooney ringing me up and insisting that I stop editing and come to dinner.

That's high range.

Now for middle range.

5 Sending the last galley back to the editor.
6 Icecream French Vanilla with chocolate.
7 Playing with my dolls
8 Bargains at a sale.
9 A new pair of shoes.

Then there's low range.

10 Two seconds after the whole washing pile has been hung.
11 Two2 seconds after the whole ironing pile has been done.
12 The bed's made, dishes disappeared from the sink, and the dog is brushed.

And then free range.

13 Yay. Finished the editing!

Gotta love it.

On April fool's Virgin Airlines advertised in the paper.

Special cheap flights, standing room only.
For longer flights a chair could be rented for limited periods, but strictly on during in-flight. Take off and landing standing room only.

Sad but probably had a few phone calls from the same mob that helps Nigerians out of their dollar dilemmas.

Lum de dum de dum - dontcha love editing?

I just complained to my crit group. Few of us are caught in the act at the moment.
Yawn. So I thought I'd post my complaint here too...yawn.

One sentence.
oops thirsty
One sentence
dog barks
One sentence
phone rings
One sentence
what's the time?
One sentence.
One sentence
Doorbell rings.
One sentence
Check email
One sentence
Check RWU
One sentence
Mmmm still nine hundred hours until postman gets here.
One sentence
something interesting on radio?
One sentence
check email
One sentence
Check RWU
One sentence
Check RWU
One sentence
play with doll
One sentence
interesting link while googling
one sentence
cup of tea
one sentence
gee I feel sleepy
one sentence
one sentence
fiddle with doll who is current muse for Regency period.

Gawd! Doris Day is 84 today! HB Ms. Kapplehoff.