Monday, August 13, 2007

August August

The windy month is a month of happenings. First of all it's my mother's birthday. That is August in itself since without this event, I would not be here trying to thing of August things to say.

The second major thing is that it is also the month I renew the car registration. And am reminded of the greed of those that purport to govern my life, tax my kishkes, and remind me that without the four wheels on which I depend so much, I'd have to rely on public transport which they can't run, despite the amount of taxes I pay.

And the third major event is the deadline for THE SECUREMENT OF GREGGIE DONALD. A story set in Scotland of 1678 to be included in an Anthology of six authors. The work was the result of an invitational from the editor, and will be published before the year's end, in time for Christmas. As an emerging author of adult fiction, it is virtually the birth of Zara Penney. The start of her own adventure.

This was an adventure aided and abetted by a wonderful group of talented authors in a tiny institution called Romance Writers Unlimited. Without them the adventure would have been just that much more difficult. Just that much more uncertain. So as I sit here, with the edited version about to be sent back to the editor I realise there is something that will be missing from the manuscript. The acknowledgement.

I raise my glass to RWU and those of you, each of you within the group, with grateful thanks. Every single one of you has had an influence in the way I shaped my words, the way I shaped my story, and even the way it came to be published.

Zara Penney,
Coward's Castle.

By the way. Coward's Castle desperately needs a butler. Good help is so hard to find these days. Everybody wants to be a doctor.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life versus Author

It's there. An inch away from us. The world within and the vastness of the universe without. Dogs need to be fed. Coward's Castle needs to be seen to. The butler quit so the lady of the house has to deal with all the vacuum cleaner salesmen who swim the moat to bother her.


I'll be back guys and gals in my head, in my world. You'll get your chance to carry on with your adventures, your escape from my head onto pages of sharing with others.

If you google me, you'll find me on Amazon.