Monday, January 28, 2008

Okay on a needs basis...

This is nothing cerebral. Not celestial. No excessive gray matter needed here. But when I was little my sister's bedspread was always smoother. I figured even though they looked the same her b/s must have been a bit more expensive. I offered to swap, she took it up because I bribed her with an offer she couldn't refuse, but that so and so must have swapped it back while I wasn't looking because the new one never worked!

So this brings me to the main puzzle of my life.


Is it only my clothes - the ones that come home in my shopping bag to live with me until they die - that have



Yes. I'm out there at the clothes line matching the socks, hanging the sheets, and the shirts. The t-shirts in their relationship to the color chart, and making sure that no item has a mismatched color peggery. Yet mine's the only clothesline on the block. Nobody else uses one. So? Does that mean? Every one else uses black magic - or - the - tumble - dryer?


KV said...

I wear a lot of natural fiber fabrics, too, which would shrink horribly in the dryer. Soooo, they get hung up in the laundry room to dry. Haven't used my clothesline in forever and ever . . .

It's just the artist in us, Miss Penny, that is attracted to all those non-dryerable (is that a word?) fabrics!

Kathy V in NM

spiritual shopping said...
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Zee said...

We have a clothes line and USE it!! Not only the $ to dry clothes, but the effects on the environment move us to behave in an antiquarian mode. OH well. Soon, EVERYONE will be line-drying clothes. WE shall be The Trensetters!

And lo, what am I to do with snow and below-freezing temperatures? AH! We hang clothes in the cozy warm basement. My frugal spouse never misses a chance to save money, bless his heart!

So... you are not alone, Miz Penney...nope!