Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The positive of procrastination.

Self explanatory. Ask any author. (and ask any treadmiller too)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh what a beautiful mornin'

It's supposed to rain. Welcome to my blog. That place where no paragraphs exist. ...... That's my paragraph break until things change. ...... I'm going to try to be faithful to the edict of half hour daily treadmill. Good juices versus bad juices of inactivity. ..... Last night talk on depression. All mentions for positive thinking are connected to exercise. Computer age of man is destroying activity. So treadmill, dear enemy/friend of mine. ..... Enemy as in guilt. ..... Friend as in positive thinking. ..... Paragraph spacing is easier. .....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hi. Welcome to your new Blogger design.

We are excited about the new changes. I'm not. We hope you enjoy the new format. No. I'm not. First of all, the paragraph breaks simply don't happen. Grrrr

Journal of days.

A friend, a professor of English who is writing a course using journal skills as a tool for writing, inspiration, enduring diligence, perseverence, practice and just plain old reference in what you were doing today in a year's time, said: My students will write a journal every day. By coincidence the Jennie Cruisie daily dose of what she is blogging about landed in my inbox and guess what? What? She was talking about her past jottings in her blog as an insight into what she had been thinking and been up to in a certain time in her life and a certain book. Though she didn't necessarily write them all in her journal, it reminded her clearly what shse had been thinking and what had been going on around her at that time. Time is something we all forget. Journals are good for you. Discipline darlings. It's easy to find an excuse but journals are unforgiving. Dates leave gaping holes.

Tried hard.

Didn't work. Dribble. But maybe there'll be a miracle tomorrow. Until then, Hasta la vista.

Monday, July 16, 2012

50 shades and 67 pages.

Been on page 67 for a week. The trilogy has more than 1500 altogether. But if she is buying a 5 million house in Manhattan or London or something, then I'll live in hope and keep reading. I like her writing style, despite harsh criticisms I hear. I think she's being judged on content (and jeered) - her characters are both extreme odds and not very real. One is over egoed, while the other is just bordering on Pauline (Perils of Pauline) tied to the rail track and watching the steam train thug along in her direction. It is a lesson in how all elements of a story count. POV, person, world building, character building, right balance of character to character. Example the hero is a dickhead. He's a bully. I'd rather have Woody Allen than this bore. But he keeps chasing the heroine. I wouldn't. He has all these sexy blondes yet he's going for the mouse in the house. But don't be scathing anynone here reading this blog. She's on the NY best seller list and buying a 5 million mansion brownstone south of Huston and mannnnnnn the odds for a writer are better here than for winning the lottery!!!! At least as a writer you have half a chance. What's that? 50-1?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drop the world just concentrate.

Outside forces are trying to interfere with my creativity. Some of them I can ignore. Others I must try. And yet others I cannot avoid. <b>So where and what do I cull. Morman, Jehovah Witnesses, Electricity sign up to a new package people. The real estate man who wants to sell my nest. Politics. I must try to avoid</b>: Politics. Grrrr. >Cannot avoid: Bills, money. Dentist. Supermarket. Don't want to avoid: Santa Claus. Hairdresser. Cleaning lady. Dog clipper. Everything else is fattening. So my advice to everynone is: Get on with it. Once you 've decided on the priorities, then the rest is just plain old creativity.