Monday, December 10, 2007

The it's about time I blogged blog...

Coward's Castle is full of the love of a little dog called 'Baby'. I tried to call her Avery, but somehow 'Baby' is winning. Put it down to one of those funny syndromes closely related to eggless nest but He Who Shall be Obeyed and She Who Forgets to Obey have both gone ga ga over 'Baby'.

I'm on my last chapter on the WIP but don't seem to be in a hurry to finish it. I think I'm suffering from character withdrawal symptoms. They've been my companions this last few months and I do like them. I don't really want to say goodbye so my muse said:

"Why say it?" She shrugged and like the floozey she is, she wiggled off into the void leaving me to answer into the air.

"Because every novel has to have an ending. Because I want my HEA. Because I want there to be life after WIP. Because I want to make new friends to take into 2008. Because I need to return to edit the long, long, long significant others." (That's me shouting at her as she retreats.)

But my muse is off in the distance and all I can hear is those spikey red high heels as she slinks off looking for whatever muses look for while they aren't musing.

Mmmm I am blinking at you empty audience. What a vanity of the bonfires this blog is. Laugh a minute eh?

Okay... I'm the last one out. I'll switch off the lights.


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KV said...

Ah, yes, Miss Penny -- that awful feeling one gets when it is time to end the WIP. Especially if one is doing a happy ending! It is nearly the same feeling as one has when they send that work off into the big, wide world.

Your muse will find you when you least expect it . . .

Lotsa love,

Kathy V in NM