Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday 13

'Tis time for she, the lady of Coward's Castle, to don her thinking cap and blow the dust away as she settles it onto her golden (not) locks.

As she does so, she will look at new puppy on floor beside her - a tiny teeny tiny cute as a button Mostly Maltese x Shitsu. Mother is half and half, Dad's all Maltese. So I'll think of thirteen tiny things I love best.

1. This little puppy beside me lying fast asleep on her back. She's black with white paws. Has little eyebrows and a black nose peeking from a white rosette around her mouth.

2. Dolls. As a collector of dolls I am afraid that I have the most wonderful collection of shoes. I'm an impossible Imelda. In fact I make her look like an amateur. Did I ever show you some of them.

Well I will indulge you. It's up the top since I'm too dumb to remember how to insert it here. (Let's pretend heh?)

3. The baby stroller, carriage, buggy, whatever you call it. It was made by a friend.

4. The boy is Avery with an A. He's my little alter ego. He thinks you, since he can't talk. He has his own blog and if you can understand him, you are very smart. And that's his best friend Phoebelou.

5. The real Phoebe who when asked for a Santa List, she asked for Chocolate Milk. She's the most beautiful little girl in the world.

6. My crew. My muses. My dolls. One of them is about to be published in an anthology. Here's a picture of her (insert pretendy URL here but she's up the top because of technological idiocy) Sharra Akasha star of THE SECUREMENT OF GREGGIE DONALD. (See links for web site and blog)

7. Chairs. I have some beauties. They are made by a real upholsterer who makes them as miniatures. My dolls are 16-17 inches tall, they are not Barbie they are much bigger. (another pretendy insert here - yes up there, sigh) I made the lamp myself in case you are interested.

8. My darling little handmade babies. If you want to know the scale, the eggs are real.
(Yes you know the drill - lets call it IPPH = Insert Pretend Photo here)

9. Baby prams. Little ones for the scale of my dolls, not easy since they are 16-17 for grown ups while Avery is four and a half inches of energy... (IPPH) The pram is French and perfect scale for my dolls. Very hard to find and dates to 60's and 70's. It is sprung like an old carriage with leather straps.

10. Miniature food for the dolls. Yes. REally cute. For instance look at Avery again in his highchair. (IPPH)

11. Jewellery. Of course I've got a treasure chest of "sparklies" as Avery calls them. (IPPH)

12. Some white Louis chairs also in the scale of my ladies (and gents) (IPPH)

13. Thirteen is always a doozy. It's so hard to come up with this one because you've just about thought you'd come to the end... struggle through then suddenly the mind opens up with aflood - then you end up with another hundred or so favorites you've forgotten about... but here's the last for this list... it's Jozefina. She's a one of a kind handmade doll. Made by my friend Jozef Szekeres. I love her so much. She's entirely handmade. So lovely.

She's at the top. That's how the order of the pictures go. The bottom one is the number 2. Because I started with the puppy and I haven't taken her picture yet.

Did. Take a bow Penny.


KV said...

Wow! You can't imagine how stunned I was to find my granddaughter's photo in this post!!!!!

So glad you have a new puppy, Miss Penney. And your doll photos are excellent as always . . .

Kathy V in NM

Zara Penney said...

She's picture postcard perfect.
hugs Kathy

Zee said...

Oh, I love dolls. My son, who just visited, is not "worried" about me and the dolls. Oh well. I used to worry about him...and just about everything. Meanwhile! I wanna see the new doggie. My Casou is a Coton de Tulear... cousin to the Maltese, I think. What fun! I adore little white dogs and dolls. Cheers!

Zara Penney said...

Zeebe My kids swear they have a vested interest in keeping me alive if only for the inheritance which neither of them desires LOL