Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday 13

This can get hard but I had recourse to use some French words today, and I thought mmmm... I do spatter my spoken word with a lot of French, don't always know how to spell them when I write them down. So here's a few of my most used ones...

1. a propos

2. c'est la vie

3. comme, comme ca - imagine me waving my hands around as I say it.

4. deja vu - it's hard to remember the spelling though.

5. encore - I like them - en masse ;-)

6. de riguer - I use this a lot.

7. faux pas - oops. but it's a fait accompli

8. joie de vivre - yep that's me.

9. piece de resistance - but the only problem I have too many of them

10. raison d'etre - why, for haute couture, of couse.

11. Rive Cauche - in a bottle.

12. Cause celebre - entre nous ;-)

13. Panache - that's a very me thing.



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Zee said...

Hmmm.... all those lovely years studying French and what did it get me?
(1) Oooo la la!
(2) Mes amis!
(3) Rondez-vous (sp?)
(4) restaurant
(5) cafe au lait
(6) s'il vous plait
(7) returnez a moi
(8) mal a la tete and mal de mer
(9) que je tu bet? (or something like that)
(10) mon dieu!
(11) sacre bleu!
(12) Merdre (sp!)
and my favorite, which I use all the time with my dog who spoke French before English since he was born in Montreal:
(13) fait pee pee!

I want you to know, I wrote that whole list w/o looking at a book and in less than 2 minutes!

Interestingly enough (well, to me anyway recently I wandered aimlessly (too many LY words? ha ha ha ha ha) through a yard sale (we have these in the US) dragged to this big lot o'junk by my husband who loves a deal. I usually buy books which bothers him, so why does he take me? Oh well. I spied a copy of my first French textbook. I remembered all those conversations we had to memorize! OMG! What fun! I bought the book and it's sitting here on my desk (even before your lovely list). Title: Ecouter et Parler. I am gearing up for another trip to Paris or Arles or Normandy. Or just plain all of it. If I could do anything, I'd attempt to live in France for a couple years. Mon Dieu... embecile? Peut-etre (okay, I looked up that one)