Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who's the Star?

And so, having been brought to this point by a blog from one of my colleagues over at Romance Writers Unlimited - see link to the right - I am forced to expose the muse, the star of my current work in progress. Of course he was caught at the makeup room but believe me, this boy barely needs it.

It's lovely to be able to touch him, think about him, have him with you to remind you that your imagination is calling you.

(It's not easy blogging while Baby - who has just discovered a delightful source of human endeavor... the dirty clothers hamper, and mastered the art of underpants tennis - and I might add that she's Federra to my Jerry Lewis)

back to maingame:

Where was I?:

Oh, yes, muse:


... to remind you that your imagination is calling... "Baby bring that back...

"Damn dog...

"My writing career is over or better still..

"Come back here,

"Baby! Baby!

"Scuse me! Gotta run!

"Baby! Baby! Come back here..."

1 comment:

Zee said...

You never fail to make me LAUGH OUT LOUD (to heck with "lol" which one delightful former "colleague" used to place like this :lol: ... I digress).

And you never fail to allow me the space to THINK.

I can see the underpants tennis match. Dogs desperately need an Olympics, don't you agree? They really do have TOO MUCH TIME on their paws.

My muse? I don't think I will be able to assign one doll to that... they would all be so JEALOUS! However, Glinda the Good Witch seems to be a cautious choice of late.