Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thursday 13

13 things better than editing...

1 Waking up and saying "I've reached my ideal weight."
2 Winning the lottery.
3 Mornings in my Manhatten Apartment on Fifth Avenue.
4 George Clooney ringing me up and insisting that I stop editing and come to dinner.

That's high range.

Now for middle range.

5 Sending the last galley back to the editor.
6 Icecream French Vanilla with chocolate.
7 Playing with my dolls
8 Bargains at a sale.
9 A new pair of shoes.

Then there's low range.

10 Two seconds after the whole washing pile has been hung.
11 Two2 seconds after the whole ironing pile has been done.
12 The bed's made, dishes disappeared from the sink, and the dog is brushed.

And then free range.

13 Yay. Finished the editing!


Zee said...

ah ha! I knew a good reason lingered in the subtext below my "decision" not to publish (ha ha ha... as if... gotta finish something).

I usually do not need any reason at all for doing mostly nothing. At least you fill the procrastination time with tasks. I am hopelessly lolling with a book or a newspaper.

I love your list. I would love to go shopping, even if just for the windows.

xox Zee

Holly Greenfield said...

So you don't like editing? LOL!
Your list was funny. :-)

Ali Katz said...

Tres amusant, Penny. I agree with them all... except, of course, the ironing.