Wednesday, March 5, 2008

T13 - thursday's thirteen things that move me...

Who am I kidding. I can cry at anything. I'm the biggest sook in the world.

1. Porgy and Bess.

2. Carmen Jones - the American movie version in English. Joe is a boxer.

3. Gone with the Wind. Rhett why did you have to leave just when...

4. You're gonna laugh but the ending of my anthology story - THE SECUREMENT OF GREGGIE DONALD. Yes I know. It's as bad as laughing at your own jokes but yes, I cry every time I get to the end.

5. The ending of Sleepless in Seattle.

6. The ending of Pretty Woman.

7. What do the Simple Folk do? To help when their feelings are blue, from Camelot.

8. Old Lassie movies. Just the music makes me cry. I don't even have to watch.

9. Jane Eyre.

10. Yentyl. Love Barb S. Biggest fan. "Oh you bake cookies too?"

11. War and Peace.

12. Losing something I really wanted on Ebay.

13. Getting lost. I do it so well.


Gina Ardito said...

Hey, most of those things move me to tears too. If they didn't I'd suspect you were raised by wolves. LOL

Ellie Heller said...'ve such experience getting lost! Why cry? New adventures, new places...although, of course, you may just miss the place you were supposed to be. ;-)

Zee said...

Camelot! I polled my literature class last year when we read Sir Gawain. Can you believe this... they did NOT know Guenivere. I'm serious. My jaw dropped to the desk. I threatened to show them Camelot. Should have done it. Sometimes I just play it in the background as I work around the house. My biggest cry? The end of Field of Dreams. Gosh I miss my dad. And I cried at my son's graduation from college. I thought, "Oh my goodness, he actually did it. He got up every morning, got himself to class, and did it. Wow." And I cried. Now I cry when he comes for a visit and has to leave. Oh, I just hijacked your blog with my stories. Ooops. Oh well. Don't cry.

Chumplet said...

I watched a stage production of Porgy and Bess. It was so emotional.

A lot of those other movies move me to tears, too.

And of course The Procurement of Greggie Donald tugs at the heartstrings.