Thursday, March 6, 2008


Editing, editing, editing...

It's like deciding to paint one of the walls because it's dirty. You buy enough to paint that wall. Stand back and ready to admire. No next wall is dirty. Back down to buy some more paint. Paint that wall. Stand bck and ready to admire. No next wall is dirty, so back on down to buy some more paint.

But this time you make an honest woman of yourself. YOu buy enough for two walls and before you are finished you have the whole room painted and it cost you twice as much 'cos you get a discount if you buy in bulk! That is a fact of life. Like you are always last in the queue. Or if you have just cleaned your car after six months of dirt, you almost forgot the color... It rains!

Editing the second galleys of Securement of Greggie Donald. And what do you think? One bitty little mistake, a missing comma?

My editor is going to kill me but I really didn't see them! Swear!

And for those of you who read the last post, the T13 the answer is yes.

I am still crying at the ending of Greggie Donald. STill.

Told you I'm a sook.


Chumplet said...

I should hope the editor caught something like a missing comma, but I must forgive, because I've been there. We're all human!

Holly Greenfield said...

Don't worry, Penny. For every missing comma you have, I've got an extra. :-)