Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm back from overseas.

Back to Coward's Castle and sad news that the Silkie Terrorist is, sadly gone. He was a dog with a sad history. Free to Good Home. But he had so many bad habits - had had to be put down because other people were not able to live with he horror that this little beast was. If bite the hand that feeds that was Chester. He was insecure and could have written the handbook of dog behavioral problems. I still niggle that if I move my feet suddenly he will dive at them.

Zara also had a fall at the West Wing of the White House. Got more FBI picking me up than Bush ever did. She ended up with seven firemen, an ambulance, her very own fire engine LOL, and seven stitches. She went back but this time they closed the White House. Guess I'm on the Klutz Files.

I had a wonderful time. Las Angeles, San Francisco, up the west coast to Canada and Victoria Island, Seattle, New York, London. From London we decided to make a quickie to Paris, an overnighter on the train. One and a half hours from London, half an hour on the train, you sit in your car, then two and a half hours to Paris. This meant that we had late lunch opposite the Notre Dame, meandered the east bank and lazed through the evening. One of those cute Parisian style hotels, and back to London the next morning. Then:


Teeth went through my top lip hence the stitches. I am a spectacular faller. Problem is I am a dreamer. And dreamers don't watch where they are walking.


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