Monday, July 16, 2012

50 shades and 67 pages.

Been on page 67 for a week. The trilogy has more than 1500 altogether. But if she is buying a 5 million house in Manhattan or London or something, then I'll live in hope and keep reading. I like her writing style, despite harsh criticisms I hear. I think she's being judged on content (and jeered) - her characters are both extreme odds and not very real. One is over egoed, while the other is just bordering on Pauline (Perils of Pauline) tied to the rail track and watching the steam train thug along in her direction. It is a lesson in how all elements of a story count. POV, person, world building, character building, right balance of character to character. Example the hero is a dickhead. He's a bully. I'd rather have Woody Allen than this bore. But he keeps chasing the heroine. I wouldn't. He has all these sexy blondes yet he's going for the mouse in the house. But don't be scathing anynone here reading this blog. She's on the NY best seller list and buying a 5 million mansion brownstone south of Huston and mannnnnnn the odds for a writer are better here than for winning the lottery!!!! At least as a writer you have half a chance. What's that? 50-1?

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