Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ever get the feelin'

Ever get the feeling you are the only feather in the cap? That the blog is falling on deaf ears? That you are ringing the bell, ie., pulling the rope but the dingaling is missing? That you are making pea and ham soup but forgot to buy the ham? That you have a television but lost the remote control?


what the heck. At least the blog is being utilized today, and who knows, one day when I am really, really famous, somebody will be sorry they missed my famous tomes.

I really hate these phone calls from India at dinner time. They try to sell me all sorts of things. Holiday resort packages. Cheap holidays if I change electricity provider. Make my current cell phone redundant. Casino deals.

I usually hate their calls and do the Seinfeld thing. I ask them for their phone number and I'll ring them back at my convenience. They hang up.

The latest opinion poll was for what men want. Guess. How did you guess so quickly?

Yes. They want beautiful women with big breasts. They like beautiful women with big breasts and an open pleasant personality. They like beautiful women who want plenty of sex. For this a poll was wasted? For this some academic has written a Ph.d?

But I can do an opinion poll and save money on what women want.

George Clooney and a very large bank account. You see? It works both ways. And if Clooney isn't available then the large bank account will do. So? Okay! I'm not fussy!!!

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