Saturday, May 23, 2009

How many letters in that?

When you write count how many letters in that.

This will read like the script for Who's on First Base? unless I spell it out for you.

When you edit your manuscript kill 'that' - just shoot them or as many as you can like they are sitting ducks at a shooting gallery in the fun park.

You can in the main live without them.

And now that I have spilled the beans, I will start on the next no no.

Put the word THERE on your hit list.

There is no point in starting a sentence with There.

There was a worm called squish. He got squashed.


A worm called squish got squashed. Isn't that better, more direct and cleaner?


Ali Katz said...

Good advice :)

Penny, dahling, how ya doin?

miss ya.

KV said...

Love the writing advice, Miss Penny!

Lotsa love,

Kathy V in NM