Monday, May 18, 2009

Google It!

Once I didn't have Google.

Once I didn't use a computer.

Once spell check meant get the dictionary.

Once carbon paper was my copy.

Once White out was my friend.

Once I used the telex machine.

Once file meant a cabinet.

Once there were dinosaurs.


Judith Leger said...

So very true, my love. I still remember when FedEx was considered outlandish and impossible to succeed!

Zee said...

I was thinking my nieces and nephews have no idea what an 8 Track Player really is... and then... I got to thinking... sheesh...they don't have a clue how a PHONOGRAPH works, but even if they did -- 45 rpm would be a BIG OL' MYSTERY.

Pony Express. That's a great story. Short, sweet life of an idea.

I can't wait for my iPhone: August 25th!

p.s. who will be the first to post on WeWriteStuff???

Zara Penney said...

You know, I had to laugh once. A little girl in Hong Kong found black round things with a hole in the middle, inside folders with pictures on the front, inside a plastic bag.

"What are these?"

And she didn't understand why the owner was horrified at the way she was holding the frisbee. The one carefully stored for forty years and lovingly remembered as the thing you played Strawberry Fields Forever and pretended you really knew what the words were as you were growing out of pimples!