Thursday, October 4, 2007

Coward's Castle is clean...

The lady of the house spent many long years growing kids, keeping house clean, homework, shopping, washing, ironing. School projects last minute (groan) and I managed it. I guess I was young and also, when it all has to be done, it just gets done. How many times did I pull out the ironing board at two a.m. and start. I could no more do that today than fly.

And I don't have to. The kids are grown, and both living away from home. And now it's me, hubby and the doggy makes three. And...

There's Anna. That fine lady who comes to clean my house each fortnight.

I'm always a little ashamed at my housekeeping skills. I really envy people who just seemed to stay on top of dustmites and dark corners. But I'm good at writing. I love it and couldn't live without it. So I do what I'm good at. And bless Anna. So does she. She's just left my house so lovely and clean. Like walking into a top class hotel and seeing all those sparkling bathroom tiles.

God bless you Anna.

Now I go back to writing. Goodnight from Coward's Clean Castle.

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