Friday, September 28, 2007

I went turfing.

Never thought I'd be a turfie girl. But I am. I've turfed today and it was fun. It's easy.

We are a long way from the turf. It was quite a drive. But it's so picturesque on the way there. There's an old barn and farm house on the way. They recently used it for an advertisement - a funky one, that has humans growing as seeds, like triffids, with their shells yielding white cotton.
It leans on one side. Must have been there since before the 1900's and I bet it's seen it's own little share of history down the decades. Births, deaths and dramas.

Back to turfing.

Turfing isn't fun when you get home.

Oh heck what are you thinking?

I know.


I bought 11 rolls of turf for Coward's Castle. He Who Should be Obeyed is getting Spring Fever for the garden. He's a buffalo man in case you wondered. He swears by buffalo grass. It's tough as boots and there's a new variety called Shademaster, which basically means you can plant it under trees.

When we shrank our lives into a castle instead of a palace, we left the chandeliers and the billiards behind for the new Lord and Lady of that Mannerhouse - we can fit our grass into the back of a Subara which is the current estate wagon.

When weeds grow in our little castle they look as big as trees.

Took the navigator. She's called Julie. She's a few grams short of a kilo - and I don't know but I think she is trying to kill me and keep He who Should be Obeyed all to herself. We are a little bit jealous of each other. She is the only one who he let's nag him about where to go. Wouldn't you be envious?

Anyhow. That's been my day.

And tonight we go to an unusual restaurant. It's where one doesn't eat but grazes apparently. I've been trying to think of the darn word all day but only get a -g- idea in the back of my head - it's not Asian, but you kind of share a magnitude on the table... bit like a Tapas or an Anti-pasto but it's a meal. It's in an 'eat street' so it'll probably be funky. I hope it's not sit on the floor. Since my multiple leg break I avoid Japanese set-ups. (or set-downs)

So as I bow out of today's blog guess what tune I'm humming...

"Hey there turfie girl..."


Sara Thacker said...

Ah, the differences of languages. Turffing? I figure out we call it sodding. We did that to our yard in June. It looks lovely now. How did the grazing dinner go?

Zara Penney said...

Yes you are right! Sodding her and I think England is a kind of swear word...

"Sod off!"

Means go get you know what :-)))))


It was yummy. I'll write about it tomorrow. Today's Sunday and I'm productive on writing. Tomorrow I may need procrastination space :-)