Thursday, July 26, 2007

13 things I really really hate

This was in response to an idea from fellow writer Gina Ardito. She got a few of my hates so I had to think of other new things.

  1. Economists. Mortgage going up because. Mortgage going down because. Dollar rises because. Dollar falling because. Hang on…

Why are they all the same reason? Are they making it up as they go?

  1. Even tho I have dozens of them spread around between car and house, I always end up at the desk without them. Reading glasses!

  1. Dialling…“We care about your call. For account details please press #1. If you wish to make a payment please press #2….”

  1. Phone rings in middle of the best paragraph you’ve ever written. “Good afternoon, how are you?” Somebody from New Delhi asks me from way afar India… I’m cranky thankyou for caring! Go away!

  1. Bank queues, bank charges and bank profits.

  1. Parking meters.

  1. Book sales with a foot deep pile of a title. I spend hours looking for crinkles and tears. I’m far better off with the last book which I’m grateful just to possess, even if I have to tape all the pages back inside the covers.

  1. Politicians. Nuff said.

  1. Men with remote controls.

  1. My bottom. There’s one that chases me through the dressing rooms of the world and attaches itself to the rear vision mirror. It’s not mine. Who ever lost it can have it back. Please leave your address here.
14. Okay so I'm going to cheat here. I hate roundabouts. They are growing like the plague. There are double ones and triple ones, and ones with plantations in the middle of them. Little old people drive through them at 10 ks or without their blinkers. People in hats think they can use any lane to turn anywhere at any time. Other people get lost in them. So on Thursday the 13 these were the top 14 things I hate today.


Gina Ardito said...

No, no, dear. You misunderstand. I Googled "Gina hates" and came up with that list. It's not a personal list about the real me. Very few people know the "real" me. Jeez, I don't think I've been introduced to the real me yet...

Paisley said...

"Men with remote controls."

LOL.. you and me both, sister! HAHAH!

Zee said...

Whoever LETS the man have the remote control? Nevah! In my case, I'm lucky. He doesn't know how to work any digital devices. At all. Bliss. I control the computer, camera, cell phone, dvd player, and t.v. I had to teach him how to use the digital radio. And... I magnanimously gave him the "free" iPod that came with my last Mac computer. So, I had to teach him how to use it. But he still doesn't know how to download music.... so I get to fill it. Muuuuuaaaaawwwww. Eek, I'm such a fiend!

Momma B. said...

I think I'm the woman who may have lost the butt...please forward to somewhere else but me! Thank you!


Peggy B.