Friday, January 27, 2012

S'pose it's time to post the first missive of 2012

Well, folk(s). Since there aren't m-any of you waithing enthusiastically for my wit and wisdom, let's assume there are thousands.

My list of new year intentions is empty. I don't smoke so that could be the only potential. And my vices... well they are vices and you don't give them up unless they end you up in jail. For the purists - gaol - but I'm a preferred non-purist. The Americans got it right. However they do spoil their pure record of straight forward talk by saying off of.

My creative gene is getting itchy. Unfortunately from the brilliant plot I had in my head about three weeks ago, I didn't write down and I'm waiting for something to trigger it back into my head. Maybe some sunshine? We haven't had much of it this summer.

Okay, okay. So what if I make a New Year Res right now... really!

I will post every day.

Stop laughing. It's a NY res and meant to be broken! Really!

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