Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time flies said the monkey...

As he threw the clock over the cliff.

Why do people wait for New Year to make resolutions? Well, I guess that's another way of asking why don't I? I seem to make resolutions all the time. Some are good, some are bad. Some are fattening. Some are good for your head. Some are good for your credit card (it's called Sense and Sensibility)...

Here are some of my resolutions:

Drink more water during the day. I try to.
Edit, concentrate, edit, concentrate, edit, concentrate. I try to.
Eat more greens. I've got a crush on spinach and cauliflower at the moment.
Edit, concentrate, edit, concentrate, edit, concentrate.
Eat more fruit, and... speaking of fruit...

I wrote a cute poem this week. It was following a call from a magazine which needs filler stuff. It's for kids of course, but I also intend to illustrate it.

But it has been a mixed week. I bought a Kindle on Ebay. Of course the person I bought it from would never have known but it was a first generation model which was only available in the US for the US market. And it took me a day to find this out. I was so disappointed. I've sold it to somebody in the U.S. who can use it like normal and re-purchased - I do like the look of the text on the little machine. I have an iphone and I know I don't need the iPad because I will not use it for a lot of the things many people would do with theirs.

But my today's resolution is to come to blog more often.

That way all none of you get to know what's going on in my creative life.



KV said...

Well, "none" of me checks on this blog regularly and it is nice to see you posting again!

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

That's why I loves ya.
Hug and more hugs.

Janet said...
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Janet said...

I enjoy your blog too, Penny :)

Zee said...

I'm back from vacation on the beach -- soooo relaxing! Now.... I have one workshop to attend and then... i'm FREEEEEE all summer.

So... LET'S WRITE THAT Y.A. and finish Cheesy!
I need you to keep me on the path!
Love you,