Friday, April 2, 2010

Aren't they dead yet?

Somebody died today. I thought WOW she was a one of those people you don't expect to die yet.

However there are people who you think are dead and aren't and ask ...

I thought they were dead... Somebody on the radio talked about Doris Day. Yes people, she's still alive and kickin'

I reckon Gregory Peck's still kickin' and I'm too lazy to Google. I think I really don't want to know.

What about Charlton Heston. I think I turned off him when I found out he was heading the gun lobby. I can't bear the thought of guns and shooting animals. I even hated deep sea fishing when they were all so gleeful about pulling in all these huge fish. Yes I eat fish. (If you are a New Zealander that's fush and chups). Just watching the poor things actually being able to flop around in somebody's cooler turns me off.
Yes I do eat oysters. Yes I do know they are alive when they slide down your throat. Okay so I have perfected the art of double standards. THat's one of the things I know I am good at...

But then who'da thunked Hudson would turn out to be gay.

Life is just a big question mark. What do they say?

Nothing stranger than fiction.

Well it's really nothing stranger than life. Even fiction.

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