Sunday, May 11, 2008

Edit is over.

Well darlings! All of you people who don't read my blog. The edit is done. I know I have one more in me but I'm leaving some space between that event and myself for the time being.

I guess I am waiting now until the others have finished and we present it to the publisher ready for the galleys.

I feel in a strange mood. My little doggette Baby, has gone to the vet for desexing. I just cannot bear the thought of a little of little darlings, birthing, mess and problems associated with a litter. And I will never forget the experience of having a female rottweiler on heat and a silkie terrier in love with his large black diva.

The house was boarded up like the scene in Les Miserables during the siege of Paris, and darling Chester could not be dissuaged. We bought him a little pair of pants but they didn't work, so we bought a pack of baby disposable nappies and found them abandoned constantly. That was a nightmare episode. So unhappy me is sitting here lady in waiting for the news that Baby is ready to come home.

Now that the new anthology has been finished and landing in at almost 20,000 k's, I go on to edit my WIP which is 60,000 k's.

My critique group also has a Challengemeister with a mission... set us challenges to keep our collective muses (musai?) bustling along. Zee is currently a lady of leisure luxuriating in summer break from her daily slog as professor of english whipping hearts and minds into literates of the written word...

So I'm expecting to be busy.


KV said...

Congrats on finishing the edit job. We are leaving for Boston in 28 hours!

Catch you when we get back . . .

Kathy V in NM

EJ McKenna. said...

Hi Zara,
I've finished the draft on my next anthology piece as well. It's "only" 13,500 words :-)

Shall we do swapsies?

Zee said...

Hey! I'm back from Leisureville, and ready to jump on the Procrastinationville Express.

Why do I always write divine plots in my Artist's Way journal? It's the journal in which I'm supposed to scribble away and NEVER read again. Now I'm cheating. Leaving yellow post-it notes to remember the good bits.

I have a GREAT spy novel up my sleeve.

New Challenge on the way! Hold onto your hat (and perhaps unmentionables). (why unmentionable, when everybody wears them? never understood that).

Onward. Nice to be noted in your blog, my darling Penney.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Interesting description of an in-heat dog and the over-heated dog, attempting to accomplish what all dogs do au natural.

Congrats on finishing the edits.