Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life versus Author

It's there. An inch away from us. The world within and the vastness of the universe without. Dogs need to be fed. Coward's Castle needs to be seen to. The butler quit so the lady of the house has to deal with all the vacuum cleaner salesmen who swim the moat to bother her.


I'll be back guys and gals in my head, in my world. You'll get your chance to carry on with your adventures, your escape from my head onto pages of sharing with others.

If you google me, you'll find me on Amazon.


DD said...

Hard to get and keep help these days isn't it. Good luck with those salesmen ;)

pennyoz and Avery said...

I'm having Chester's silkie voice digitally lowered to Rottweiler pitch. Hopefully that will turn off most of them. But as we know. Nothing turns Hoover off their mission to keep my carpets clean.

pennyoz and Avery said...
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